pk10开奖记录 Oven & Temperature Controller

CASTECH provides oven and temperature controller for heating the crystal and controlling its temperature to a certain value.

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Temperature Controller


• Purpose ASIC processor

• PID  control

• Auto tuning

• RS-232 interface (optional)
• Programmable (optional)
• Stability: ±0.1℃

• Size: 50×100×135mm3
• Normal Package Standard 

• Voltage: 110/220V AC, two types     

• Design:Radioactive heat compensation
• Plane temperature distribution

• Fast tunning

• Size: Φ50mm×55mm (regular)
            Φ30mm×45mm (mini)
• Cavity size:Φ10mm×55mm (regular) 
                       Φ10mm×45mm (mini)         
• Sensor: Pt100 thermocouple

• Working temperature: ≤180℃

    Temperature Controller                               Oven 



Heating nonlinear crystals is usually employed in NCPM, OPO, OPA, etc.



1)There are two types of applied voltage on oven, 110V and 220V. Please confirm it when order and check it before plug in the power. Burned and other damages, which caused by improper power selection, are not guaranteed to repair.
2) Special oven size, holder of crystals and right-angle support setting applications are available upon request.

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