Cerium-doped lanthanum chloride LaCl3(Ce) is a newly developed scintillation crystal with hexagonal structure, colorless, transparent. It offers superior energy resolution, fast emission and excellent linearity. It has light output similar to NaI(Tl) but much better energy resolution. LaCl3(Ce) is a promising scintillation crystal used for various applications including Gamma-ray detect, Nuclear-medical imaging (PET,SPECT), High-energy physics, Security, Geological exploration and environmental monitoring fields.

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Main Advantages:

       •    Fast decay time

       •    Superior energy resolution

       •    Very stable light output over a wide range of temperatures.


Main Properties:

Melting point(℃)1062
Thermal expansion coefficient(/℃)11×10-6(Along C-axis)
Cleavage plane<100>
Hygroscopic yes
Wavelength of emission max(nm)350
Lower wavelength cutoff(nm)313
Refractive index @ emission max~1.9
Primary decay time(ns)28
Light yield [photons/MeVγ] 49000
Photoelectron yield [% of NaI(Tl)] (for γ-rays)   70-90



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